About us

Silesia Devices, founded in 2013 in response to the consolidation of the Silicon IP market, offers responsiveness and flexibility any big corporation cannot achieve. Managed by engineers themselves, it gathers about half a century in individual experience.

Management Board

Maciej Pyka, President
Jacek Tymiński, Vice President

Graduated in 2000 and 2001, experienced with mircoprocessors & DSP, front-end and back-end ASIC design, customer services. Performed several on-site customer services including mixed-signal ASIC and on-demand microprocessor design.


“Over the fifteen years we’ve now worked together, I’ve never failed to be totally impressed by the Silesia Devices team’s complete professionalism and extreme commitment to customer satisfaction.”
— Hal Barbour, CEO, CAST, Inc.

“The engineers at Silesia Devices are repeatedly able to design processors and controllers that perform well beyond anyone’s reasonable expectations. Their grasp of what system designers really need in IP is unparalleled.”
— Dr. Nikos Zervas, COO, CAST, Inc.